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The End of Lance : BDSM story

Being now in college, Lance thought he had to improve upon his social image. This upgrade also included getting a girl friend. At first, one may think this wasn’t strange. However, one simple problem existed; Lance happened to be quite ugly in the eyes of women. Making the matter even worst, he was very persistent with the girls at the university. He never let up. Whenever he met a girl his mind saw as attractive, he persisted and persisted, putting many phone solicitors to shame. Therefore, one can say Lance was a great turn off for all the girls at the school.

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Online Romance (Part 1) : CyberSex story

They met online, a simple mIRC affair. After several months of typing, exchanging pictures, cybersex and phonesex they decided to meet face to face. They agreed on a public place at first, until they felt comfortable enough to move to private quarters. She got to the little outside cafй first, dressed in her favorite short skirt and skintight button up the back shirt. As she waited for him to arrive, she fiddled a bit with her clothes and sipped at her coffee. Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw him. “Oh my god, he’s much better looking in person. I could ravage his body for hours.” She stood up and waved, getting his attention. His smile was bright as he walked over to the table.

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What Would You have Said? : Interracial story

I looked at her friend as she blushed. ‘Who? Her?’ I said dismissively.

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wife enjoys sex trek : Cheating story

My lovely wife Payal wanted to go on a trakking trip with some of her colleagues. Though she is touching 40 she still has a great body and figure. She has a sexy eyes and voluptuous face with pouting lips. Her round breasts are 34DD and are still tight. With waist of 28 and hips of 34 I always tell her that she should be a nude model and should appear naked in men’s magazine showing her boobs and cunt to everybody.

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Camera Store Seduction : Erotic story

One summer break from college, I got a job at a camera store. The man who owned it was a really attractive guy, newly divorced and very straight laced. I had seen him sneaking peeks at me several times, and I figured he hired me mostly because I have a fantastic body and he figured it wouldn’t be bad for business to have a pretty girl around.

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Sandys Promotion : BDSM story

In today’s world, job security is something that many people live without. Moreover, companies are downsizing so to ensure the greatest cost efficiency possible. This new business trend of becoming mean and lean has an effect upon the relations of power between the two genders, for with a large reduction in traditional work, males have lost some of the security they possessed years back. In turn, females have entered the workforce to occupy new positions created by this new wave of reconstruction.

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Handyman Voyeur : Western story

“I hope this will suffice, Mr. Appleton,” Raybeth Carson said, as she stood by the door and pointed inside. “I would appreciate it if you would hang up your gun,” she pointed at a peg on the wall, “we haven’t need one around here in 30 years.

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Over the moon : Gay story

“Hey, this is a twenty-eight year old brother, 6’2″, 200 lbs of solid muscle, short buzz-cut hair, goatee and mustache, nine-inch cock. I’m looking for another Brother to be my personal bottom boy. I’m gonna send you over the moon, man. Leave me a message. Name’s Todd. Peace/out.”

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Taras Friend : Interracial story

Clive, my brother, talked me into it. You could say I was between girlfriends, bedrooms even, except that Sarah, my girlfriend of three years, kicked me out.

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Elizabeths Bondage Fantasy : Fetish story

Elizabeth came into our fetish studio just at closing time, looking to do a photo shoot or two, so she said to pick up some extra mall money and gain modelling experience. From the moment my partner Mike and I laid eyes on her, we knew there was something just a bit kinky about this blonde haired bombshell, but we had no idea how wild this sexy tart really was.

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