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An Evening at Trudy’s Place : BDSM story

Reaching over with his right hand, Rich began caressing Trudy’s left nipple, saying, “ Hey, they’re nice today, like the way they get hard.”

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Just The Three Of Us : Western story

What is my fantasy? Hell, that’s easy. I have two really,

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Under Her Thumb : BDSM story

Slightly exhausted from a day at the office, Beth turned the car at the corner, stepping on the accelerator, and moving ahead. A few hundred feet later, the woman arrived before her home. Again turning the vehicle, this time to the right, she pulled into her drive. Shutting down the car, Beth gazed in the rear view mirror and saw her own reflection. Hanging down over her left eye, her dark mane extended all the way to her blouse collar. Looking at her image, she thought, “ Not bad for a thirty two year old.” After opening the driver’s side door, the auto designer stepped out, placing her black high heeled shoe upon the concrete. Next came the other foot, depressing itself also upon the cement. With her sexy self fully erect outside the car, she bent down, reaching back into the Torus, and grabbing her black leather briefcase lying on the passenger seat. The thing in hand, she closed the car’s door and ventured over to her abode. Upon removing her keys from the skirt suit’s jacket, Beth unlocked the door and entered.

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Jessas Secret Pleasures : Bisexual story

Jessa had grown up there in the little western Tennessee town of Ash. She had worked at a local auto part factory but sales went down and the factory had a big lay-off. Jenna was one of those that got her lay-off slip. Lucky for her it was the start of the planting season and she knew Tom Nelson would need some extra help on the four hundred acre produce farm he owned and operated.  Besides, she knew his son, Elliot as they did a lot of horse-trading together as well as few other things. She figured he would give her a job even if the old man didn’t as he’d probably want to take her for a few walks in the woods that surrounded the four hundred acre produce farm that he and his father ran.  But Jessa had been here nearly two weeks and she hadn’t seen hide or hair of Elliot. This disappointed her as she was feeling incredibly horny working out here in the heat and Elliot had a nice fat cock she liked to ride. He also had a lot of staying power for a forty five year old man. Jessa was twenty five but sometimes Elliot had worn her out.

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Runaway : Erotic story

Lightning flashed, flickering on the curtains and walls. Dave heaved up out of his chair and looked outside. Storm clouds rolled and swelled above the trees. Dark, forbidding, they filled the formerly clear sky with chaos. It should have been an hour before dark, but the storm leached all the brightness from the sky.

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Sucking And Assfucking At The Video Store : Anal story

I own a video store and I’m the one who hires and fires people. I’m usually the one who opens and closes the store every day, as well. I had the good fortune to have a gorgeous young college student come in looking for a part time job. She had long auburn hair, wore very little makeup, and had the perkiest tits I had ever seen. I probably would have hired here even if she couldn’t read, write or speak.

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Clitoris Is Not A Greek Island : BBW story

Kate sat at the table in the little Greek café and watched the world go by. She’d been here for over a week now and she could feel herself slowly relaxing as each day went by. The change of scene had been wonderful and she felt renewed. Her eyes went back to the waiter behind the bar. He was delicious and although she’d never let him know it, his dark good looks had been the centre of her fantasies since she arrived, and was the reason she frequented this particular café every day after she’d been on the beach.

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Cheri : Shemale story

My name is Cheri, I live my life in lace and satin. I have always loved the way those materials feel

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How I Became Black Men Whore : Interracial story

One day my husband told me that his black boss , Tony , had a crush on me and wanted to take me out for dinner. He asked me if I could go out with his boss as this would help him in his promotion prospect. I agreed and arrangement was made for a dinner appointment the following night.

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Faries : Fantasy story

A huge 1,000 passenger shuttle roared down the runway and up the gently curving ramp carved from Mt. Wilson until it lifted off, flickering through the clouds in intermittent colors of the rainbow, disappearing into the dark sky above the city. It would dock within moments at one of the many space stations circling overhead, then return with a thousand returning passengers. The occurrence was so common that few people even looked up during a launch.

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