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Would You : Fetish story

“Shhhhhhhh,” His breath tickling her ear. “Shhhh, now. Stay still.”

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Dragon sweat : Group story

The early morning sun shone down on the ancient walls of Giant’s Pass castle. It fell on patches of green moss clinging to the weathered stone blocks which formed the Outer and Inner Wards. It cast small square shadows from the eastern battlements onto the rampart behind them. Shards of light sparkled uselessly against the only window in the castle, the stained glass panes now covered in dirt and hiding the long disused Royal Chapel from view. But the glittering day made a brave showing of the banner of King Argud the Defiler flying high above the Keep and reflected brightly from the string of wind polished skulls decorating the flag post. A few rays of shimmering sunlight even penetrated the arrow slits of the Prison Tower, to be instantly snuffed out amidst the pitch black stench of despair and corrupting flesh. Many more were wasted in falling on the steaming surface of the castle moat and its covering of rotting turds.

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Wild Jacks : Gay story

Furious wind battered the small window of the filthy bathroom.

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I need a raise! : Office story

Tessa couldn’t believe how big her boss’s cock was. She could hardly fit both hands together around it, and it was a whole foot long! Before Tessa could dwell on the size of it, he was already forcing it into her mouth.

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The Basement Room : Cheating story

Teri woke up in the morning naked and sweating, the heat already oppressive. Her husband had already left for work, and she got up and showered. Except for the sleeping, Teri liked the hot weather, because it allowed her to go around the house naked, and she liked being naked.

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While the men are away: : Lesbian story

It’s hard enough to be without our husbands. Bonnie and I, we’re army wives, living on base. We make a lot of sacrifices. Our husbands don’t make a lot of money and now they are gone to fight terrorism. It gets lonely. I so miss Tim. I miss the way he used to hold my head down and say, “suck that dick Marcy!” His body is lean and rippling with muscles. I loved to look up and see his hairy toned torso and eight inches slamming into my mouth. He would tease me with his cock and I would work him with my body.

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The Entrepreneur : Erotic story

A young man ran between two hotel wings, sprinted around a corner and hurried from shadow to shadow with a large cardboard box in his hands. Stopping and checking his surroundings, his attention was captured by a man and woman making love in the room where he’d stopped. He crept close and looked into an open area of the window. The man was huge, frightening. He held the feet of a teenager, while pumping his huge cock into her ass. She twisted and cried beneath him.

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Kat and Terror : Lesbian story

The girls were bored. It was the night before their Sorority Formal. They’d shown each other their gowns and their new underwear sets. Now they were sprawled out on Terry’s big bed, wearing nothing but their silky bras and panties. Kat was a luscious redhead with long copper hair. Her friend Terry, affectionately known as Terror, was a well-built blonde. They’d been talking about sex and both of them were getting pretty horny. A contemplative silence had settled over the bedroom as they stared into each other’s eyes.

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Mutiny : Fantasy story

I walked with pride and self-assurance through United Space Station, Saturn Base One. My high heels clicked on the plastic- coated steel deck, echoing through the passageways, drawing attention to my long, shapely legs and short uniform skirt. It was a day I will never forget, the absolute best day of my long career. I was a tall, sexy, blonde and one of the newest Lieutenants in the fleet. I was so hot I glowed. All heads turned as I passed, male heads in desire, female heads in envy.

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Insatiable I : Cheating story

“AAAAHHH, god I’m going to come, oohh yes your hot sucking mouth feels like hot melting butter being poured over my dick, aaaahhhh”.

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