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Turbulence : Erotic story

“Excuse me, I think that’s my seat!”

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Hispanic Realtor : Interracial story

Hot and sweaty from yard work, Ralph answered the phone on the fifth ring. His realtor, Midge, said that she had a hot property for him to look at, if he could do it today. The timing was bad. She was leaving town, and then he was leaving town. Ralph was afraid he would lose out if he wasted time. Midge got another realtor, Juanita, to show him the house, but only if he could leave immediately, sweaty clothes and all. Ralph agreed.

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Moving day : BDSM story

After Lisa had accepted the collar from Joe the plans were made to move her into his place. She left behind most of her things except a few personal items that she couldn’t do without. The idea was for her to start her life over fresh again. Joe had bought her just about everything that she needed. He had taken her out and bought a whole new wardrobe built to the specifications that he demanded. The skirts were tight and short.

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xena and gabrielle an endless hell : BDSM story

This story came to mind during the more dull hours of my work

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Friendly Hands : Lesbian story

I had just finished a week long merger. I was as stressed as I could be. My entire body ached, so when, Richard, my partner at the firm had mentioned going to the masseuse, I asked if I could tag along. I didn’t have any plans that evening and I really needed to relax. He told me to be open minded about the whole thing, since they usually got ‘really’ friendly with you. I laughed. He was joking, right? I made a mental note to make sure I was going to be ‘paired’ with another female. I preferred the feminine touch. Richard popped into my office about ten after five and said he’d meet me in the parking lot and we’d take his car. Traffic is horrible and since I didn’t know where this place was, we both agreed one car would be best. I packed up everything I’d need. Being a lawyer, I’ve learned to keep an extra pair of everything in the office, many long nights and rumpled suits later have taught me that.

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End Of The World : Erotic story

End Of The World

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My Very First Time : BDSM story

It was a beautiful night in October, a night full of cool chills blowing on the wind, a night that possessed the scent of passion and mystery. I could smell Halloween approaching as I drove my car into the newly finished subdivision on the east end of town. The houses where all original, none were like my cookie cutter house. I passed several beautiful houses that were still becoming homes; one even resembled a log cabin. 617 Wood Trail Drive was my destination; it seemed like an eternity before I finally saw 617 etched into a mailbox at the end of the dead end street. Pulling into the driveway, a Victorian style house with a stunning wrap around porch greeted me. I had never met him before; we met online and had only been talking on the phone for a few short weeks. He was the master I had been longing for, one of great intelligence of the lifestyle and patience for a fresh submissive like myself.

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The Overland Stage : Western story

“Bugles! That damned bugle,” Robin cursed quietly. “Why is he always blowing that damned bugle?” she asked to the empty, rocking stage. It was dark outside. The dusty interior was filled with baggage and Robin Petosa. Robin was trying to make her way from Cincinnati to Los Angeles to live with her uncle. The trip to St. Joseph had taken 9 days, the trip from St. Joseph to there had taken 4 days so far and she was still in the middle of the desert. She could take the bouncing, the dust, and the bad food, but why the bugle?

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First Time Bi Experience : Bisexual story

Business was quiet, which was usually the case before the big stock take sale the following day, so my boss suggested I have the afternoon off and return early in the am to prepare for the mad rush that was expected.

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Under The Rainbow (Part 3) : Lesbian story

Terresa’s nipples were hard, her supple breasts within inches of Jessie’s face. Terresa leaned forward slightly and rubbed her nipples against Jessie’s then turned and walked back over to the black bag. She smiled up at Jessie as she rummaged for the special toy, grabbed it and held it behind her back, keeping it out of Jessie’s view. Jessie felt herself grow nervous again, as the new item was kept from her view, wanting desperately to see it she walked over to Terresa.

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