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Between the Bridesmaid : Anal story

My name is Charles Brown, but my friends all call me Charlie. Yeah, just like that round headed kid in the comics, and, ironically, this story involves a girl with curly red hair. Her name was Mary and she was far too hot for a comic strip in any family newspaper I’ve ever seen. Her dark red curly hair hung down to her white shoulders, her cute little tits stood out from her slender frame and her marvelously tight tush was enough to….well, before the memory of Mary makes me any more hot and bothered, maybe I should start at the beginning.

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Blow Job Guys : Gay story

Jack was a horny guy who had an attitude problem. He had been to Military College where he stayed until his twenty-first birthday. When he arrived home he decided to pop over and say hi. I was ten years his senior but nothing could stop my reaction and my responses when he ordered me around… I love it…

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Blues Woman : Interracial story

All right, let me give you a little background. It all started when my girlfriend of three years left me for my best friend. A week later I lost my job. That part really wouldn’t have bothered me if Jenny hadn’t left. But it was really the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. I went from listening to hard rock to the blues. My buds told me my life had the making for a country music song, but hell, no matter how desperate I was, depressed, alone, whatever there was no way I was going to listen to that. Same cords over and over again. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hold anything against they folks that do listen to it. To each his own I guess. But I found the blues and immediately fell in love with it. The feel of it completely described the slump I was in. The music made it easy to forget your our problems and move into someone else’s. Like living in someone else’s shoes for the six or so minutes of the song.

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Winters Lust : Group story

The gales of winter whipped about their lake front cabin with eerie, haunting howls as crystallized lake effect snows pelted against steamed window panes, drifting in ghostly sheets, bringing visibility to zero. The rages of a winter storm showed no mercy as it clenched them tightly in it’s frosted fist, no way in, no way out, and the weather report forecasted estimated snowfall accumulations to be between three to four feet.

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College Lovers : Lesbian story

college life can be hard for some people especially shy young girls who have to leave home for the very first time and live in dorm like conditions at the college. This was going to be the first time away from home and with me being shy it was going to be tough… Well so I thought…

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My cum restriction report : Masturbation story

As I finished my work last night, I had trouble concentrating. Your putting me on cum restriction made me able to think of nothing else! I finished my work and went to bed, only I couldn’t sleep. I masturbated and decided to blow off the restriction, but changed my mind when it was almost too late. I stopped myself and did not cum. It is important to me to take this very seriously and follow the directions for my punishment. After all, not following directions is what got me into this predicament in the first place.

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Eternal Bliss : Erotic story

Christine lay back in the soft blankets, disheveled slightly for comfort, under the slightly yellow light of many candles of different shapes and sizes. She had dark hair, bound in a ponytail, which lay behind her over the blankets, as she watched her husband approach. She was wearing a blue lace nightie, and white lace panties, and looked very much ready for bed. However, she wasn’t ready for sleep. Gary crawled onto the bed, and moved on all fours toward his wife, as she patted the bed right in front of her, inviting him to lay with her. He lay on his side, gazing into her eyes, and placing a hand on her hip. He leaned in slowly, and pressed his lips to hers, savoring a long, and tender kiss with her, as the glow of the candlelight traced the curves of the beautiful lady, and the dark complexion of her husband.

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The Storyteller : Fetish story

Part one :

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John has to watch! : Cheating story

Samantha always turned me on with her sandy blond hair and curvy thighs. It amazed me that her husband John couldn’t see the beauty in her green eyes that only enhanced her angelic face. Sure she was short and had a little meat on the bones, but it was just enough to let you know she could handle whatever he could dish out!

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Oakdale : Western story

Thunder Rumbled in the distance. It’s echoes seemed to bounce endlessly. Lightning struck once, then flashed three more times in quick succession. Those in the mansion felt it was a portent of things destined to unfold.

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